The world’s major regions are expected to see healthcare spending increase significantly. With such an increase in demand, we provide solutions that would allow you to stay ahead of your competition.
NextGen creates custom solutions to help life science and healthcare companies solve their most pressing challenges. We provide insights that will enable you to optimize your efforts in a more targeted and cost-effective way.

Lab Management Solutions
Genetic Data Solutions
Service-to-Cash Solutions
Personal Health Management Tools
Compliance Solutions
Business Intelligence


Increased operational efficiency by streamlining the order process.

Ultimate New York Body Plan

Increased market share and mobile presence in fitness.

Universal Patient Key – UPK

Trusted Technology Partner – Delivering State-of-the-art Healthcare Products


Financial organizations are facing pressure to transition from solely managing accounts to managing cash, assets, and complete processes while continuing to grow and increase profitability. They are also trying to improve their systems to provide complete visibility and control of real business transactions.
While Insurance companies share a similar challenge, they have additional risks in creating multi-part insurance policies, claim filing, temporary coverage needs, and underwriting processes.
Evaluating these risks in traditional channels while also providing a holistic view based on consumer behavior in claims filing and activities on social media is where NextGen can help increase your organization’s market share and gain a competitive advantage.

Finance & Risk Analytics
Customer Relationship Management
Sourcing & Procurement
System Integration
Connected Insurance
Cloud Enablement


Developed a client server app to a secure, scalable cloud solution.


Near real-time market rate at your fingertips.


Business and technology are becoming increasingly interconnected. Now is the time for companies to incorporate technology into their business platform. As per HBR, The essence of IoT is inter-connectivity. Inter-connectivity is about more than the connections between devices — it is about the connections between customers, partners, and suppliers.
At NextGen, we have a proven track record of building technology that works for your business model. We provide end-to-end B2C solutions that will engage your customers and B2B solutions that help automate your business processes and manage customer relations.
We go beyond technology development to create optimized solutions suited to your requirements. We become your technology partner and use our experience to drive growth.

Intelligent Process Automation
Cloud Enablement
Scalable Architecture
Application Modernization
Mobile Solutions
Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence to solve


Parents are in command again


Technology drives change at a rapid pace and now is the time to adapt and stay ahead of the competition. We understand that implementing the right technology such as augmented reality and machine learning technologies will make supply chain operations more efficient. We can change the way supply chain is thought of at your company by providing cutting-edge technology services in:

Digital Consumer Engagement
Transport Management
Warehouse Automation
Process Automation
Customer Relationship Management
Wearable Device Integration


Applied augmented reality to automate warehouse operations.


Digitalized field service management for better, faster service with no paper work

Integrated Logistics Solutions

Delivered efficiency and cost savings by solving a transport routing problem.


Mobile and wearable devices are an integral part of consumers’ daily life, and data is being gathered every step of the way. With the right solutions, this data can provide valuable insight into customer behavior, sales trends, and ways to streamline the product fulfillment process.
Our big data analytics team can help your organization by developing a custom solution to help improve sales funnel efficiency and increase competitive intelligence, while lowering inventory costs. Contact us today and ask about our custom solutions that include:

Product Development
Technology Architecture Stack
Data Warehouse Solutions
Customer Identification Solutions
Web Store and Fulfillment Solutions
E-commerce and M-commerce Solutions

Save Wallet

Delivered successful launch of a brand shopping platform.

Insta Party

Enabled quality party hosting with no hassle.


With the advent of online learning using technology such as virtual classrooms, smart apps, videos, and live chats, education now happens anywhere, anytime! The convenience and flexibility of this technology offers higher education institutions the ability to reach more students, grow and expand, and create valuable learning experiences for students and educators.
Our team of technology experts have the knowledge and skills to help maintain and grow your EdTech business.

Personalized Learning Platform
Teacher/Student Communication Platform
Book Sharing Network
Student Engagement Platform
Virtual Classroom

Readuo – The Largest Used Book Network

Created a social network platform for our library, stored on a cloud.

Innovate – Inside the box

Inside the box – delivering creativity models for 21st century


Love for reading shared among School, parent and child


Energy industry leads the way in technological and engineering advances. With the integration of digital technologies companies can produce better results without compromising on safety at a reduced cost. Companies can save millions of dollar by knowing the right information at the right time.
At Nextgen we deliver digital transformations by adopting the latest technologies and proving you information to lead the way to growing your business.
Our solutions in decision support systems, real-time visualization of data and unique approach, can help you increase the profitability of companies while using fewer resources and lower costs

Internet of Things
Big Data Analytics
Real-Time Data Analysis
Cloud Enablement
Mobile Solutions

Diversified Well Logging

Faster and accurate decision making in real-time.

Production Module
Mobile Solution
Document Translation Solution