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As a certified gold partner, we have a very close working relationship with Microsoft. We have access to the Partner Knowledge Base and receive priority listing in Microsoft directories. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner our company presents a high level of industry experience providing services, software, or support for Microsoft technology. We are reliable, thoroughly skilled, and endorsed by Microsoft.

Healthcare is delivered in many places that lack the ability to securely analyze it because of concerns about inadvertent release of protected health information (PHI). These limitations make critical business and clinical planning difficult. UPK’s HIPAA de-identification software solves this problem by allowing you to do analytical studies of patient claims from many locations. Their software lets you accomplish protected health information (PHI) compliant reporting by keeping PHI private while linking multiple data sources into one database. The outcome yields real insights into your business and clinical care.

Osterhout Design Group
Osterhout Design Group (ODG) is a private company headquartered in San Francisco. ODG’s story begins in 1999, revolutionizing the high-tech toy industry by integrating high-performance electronics to create devices loved by the old and young alike. Today, ODG is changing the world of computing with its Augmented Reality Smart Glasses.
ODG has had a long and successful history with heads up displays and wearable computing. Working closely with government and corporate partners, they’ve developed and delivered biometric computers that are multicore, cellular-based, and handheld; highly portable servers; miniature UAVs; and multiple versions of its Smart Glasses. Over the last six years, the company has invested tens of millions of dollars in head-worn computing.


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