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In today’s digital era, the emphasis is on a ‘smart’ supply chain powered by Generative AI, data analytics, automation, machine learning, IoT, and blockchain. These technologies empower organizations to navigate daily challenges with agility, precision, and foresight while ensuring greater visibility, transparency, and traceability. Our supply chain logistics management software solutions revolve around leveraging these advancements to assist your organization in responding promptly, mitigating risks, reducing errors, and enhancing overall efficiency.

As a global supply chain services company, our team optimizes complex supply chain models to increase the competitiveness of your products. Across network planning, forecasting, returns management, logistics, strategic sourcing, and inventory management, our engineers redefine supply chain pathways, expanding service standards.

Supply Chain Management Services

Our Expertise

Supply Chain Strategy

As a global logistics and supply chain management services company, our engineers align company strategy with operational models, reducing costs and mitigating interruption risks. Our solutions foster robust supply chains, contributing to business objectives and long-term success with agile response frameworks and efficient implementation.

  • Supply-Chain Ecosystem
  • Network Architecture
  • Supply Chain Resilience

Sourcing & Vendor Management

We provide a full range of vendor and sourcing solutions, streamlining source-to-settle and source-to-contract cycles. Our supply chain services enhance both upstream and downstream processes, ensuring accuracy in arrival times and order allocation. Advanced profitability and fault rate analyses further optimize operations for efficiency and precision.

  • Optimized Order Allocation
  • Arrival Time Optimization
  • Sourcing Cost Analysis

Inventory Management

We empower supply chain efficiency for global networks through our advanced inventory optimization strategy. Our comprehensive supply chain services, including inventory segmentation, planning, and material optimization, empower streamlined operations, ensuring precision in inventory levels and supply chain business dynamics.

  • Stock-out Prediction & Optimization
  • Optimal Stocking
  • Slotting Recommendations

Warehouse Management

Our warehouse management services streamline order processing, track shipments, optimize inventory, deliver real-time insights, and provide unparalleled efficiency in warehouse operations, setting your business apart with cutting-edge solutions. Experience a cutting-edge solution that lifts your logistics with precision and speed.

  • Labor Number Optimization
  • Optimized Movement of People
  • Complexity Reduction of Materials 

Transportation Management

Utilizing cutting-edge design tools, processes, and technologies, our network planning services enhance your supply chain network. Our network planning solutions strategically ensure successful route planning, reduced costs, and optimized cost in the transportation of goods, hence contributing to a cost-effective supply chain.

  • Vehicle Routing
  • Freight Cost Optimization
  • Optimized Transportation Spend 

Returns Management

Our supply chain management services ensure seamless handling of product returns, optimizing reverse logistics for risk mitigation and disruption prevention. With our streamlined processes, we enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure customer satisfaction through effective product disposition and restocking strategies.

  • Cost Recovery Analysis
  • Returns Tracking 
  • Salvaging Optimization 

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Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Services Use Case: Predicting Events

Predicting Events and Advising Best Course of Action

Machine Learning algorithms excel in event prediction, facilitating optimal decision-making. Guidance on factors like safety stock levels empowers businesses to proactively navigate challenges, optimizing the supply chain for enhanced resilience and performance. This strategic application of ML ensures businesses remain agile and responsive in a dynamic supply chain landscape, making informed decisions for sustained success.

Demand Forecasting

The supply chain can benefit from using AI-driven advanced analytics to increase sales and reduce inventories. Implement precise demand forecasting, incorporating variables such as weather and real events at the SKU location level. This strategic approach optimizes inventory management in supply chain management, fostering improved efficiency and profitability by aligning stock levels precisely with market demands.

Supply Chain Services Use Case: Demand Forecasting 

Supply Chain Services Use Case: Distribution Network Optimization

Distribution Network Optimization

By utilizing analytics for distribution network optimization, logistical costs are strategically reduced. This involves analyzing data to optimize the flow of goods and identifying efficient routes, warehouse placements, and demand patterns. This enhances supply chain agility, minimizes transportation costs, and improves operational efficiency, ultimately leading to substantial cost savings for businesses aiming to streamline their distribution processes.

AI-Based Transportation Cost Reduction

Leveraging artificial intelligence in supply chain services for transportation management system cost reduction involves analyzing real-time data to optimize routes. To ensure efficient and cost-effective transportation, smart algorithms take into account variables including traffic patterns, delivery timetables, and fuel economy. This results in streamlined logistics, reduced fuel consumption, and lower operational expenses, contributing to substantial savings in transportation costs.

Supply Chain Services Use Case: Cost Reduction

Supply Chain Services Use Case: Digital S&OP Control Tower

Digital S&OP Control Tower

Implementing a digital S&OP control tower optimizes global logistics and supply chain management by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, demand, and production. Using data analytics improves decision-making to minimize stockouts and backorders. Businesses can optimize inventory levels, minimize backorders, and enhance overall performance, ensuring a responsive and streamlined sales and operations planning process.

Supply Chain Risk Modelling

Supply chain risk modeling strengthens global manufacturing resilience by assessing potential disruptions in the supplier network. Evaluating factors like geopolitical events and market fluctuations, the model predicts risks, enabling proactive mitigation strategies for a robust and adaptable supply chain. This ensures uninterrupted production and delivery, safeguarding against uncertainties and enhancing overall operational resilience in the face of dynamic external factors.

Supply Chain Services Use Case: Supply Chain Risk Modelling

Supply Chain Services Use Case: Optimize Pricing 

Optimize Pricing

Automate the analysis of transaction events to pinpoint process variations and root causes. This enables precise adjustments, improving operational efficiency, optimizing resource utilization, and enhancing responsiveness to market demand fluctuations. As a result of strategically leveraging automated insights, businesses can refine their processes with accuracy, allowing them to respond to dynamic market conditions in an agile and effective manner.

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NextGen Invent was able to come through for us in a short period and expedited testing, covering 10 chair models, and 20 configurations while enhancing Microsoft Dynamics. The manual and automated testing improved efficiency and product recommendations, speeding up time-to-market. Our time to market increased probably about 10-fold. I will always recommend NextGen Invent Corporation to others.

John Ponchock

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