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Computer Vision in healthcare: Solutions

Computer Vision in Healthcare: Transformation is Here

Artificial intelligence and computer vision are fundamental in medical imaging, enabling applications like DICOM image analysis, patient care optimization, telemedicine, blood analysis, diagnostic assistance, and remote patient monitoring.


Breast Cancer Detection

Technological Advancements for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Early detection of breast cancer is pivotal in our battle against this prevalent disease affecting women globally. According to recent studies, AI in ultrasound technology has shown a remarkable accuracy rate of over 90% in detecting breast cancer in its early stages.


healthcare application features

Healthcare App Features that Businesses Must Consider

In this article, we will explore the top 7 essential healthcare app features that should be included when developing a healthcare application. These features are designed to provide significant value not only to developers but also to healthcare professionals and stakeholders involved in healthcare technology.


Precision medicine

How is AI Changing the Future of Precision Medicine?

In the future of precision medicine, the fundamental practice of gathering patient information remains pivotal. However, a transformative wave powered by digital health and disruptive technologies, including wearable sensors and artificial intelligence (AI), is reshaping healthcare.


Patient Engagement

6 Proven Patient Engagement Strategies

Patient engagement strategies are essential in healthcare’s digital evolution, filling gaps in care and operational efficiency. Despite initial hesitancy, technology has transformed healthcare, minimized errors, and updated traditional methods.


Digital Transformation Fuels Healthcare

How Digital Transformation Fuels Healthcare Innovation?

The digital transformation in healthcare is revolutionizing industry and fostering efficiency and creativity. Medical facilities use cutting-edge technology to increase employee efficiency, improve patient care, save expenses, reorganize workflows, and speed up diagnosis.


Data Governance Strategy

Data Governance Strategy: A Must Have for Every Organizations

As businesses adapt, every digital interaction generates data, fueling digital transformation. However, this data must be secure, well-managed, and organized to be valuable. With data sprawl on the rise, a robust data governance strategy becomes imperative. 


Data management

6 Data Management Best Practices to Improve Data Performance

Data management best practices are the cornerstone of any organization’s strategic framework, facilitating the lawful and efficient utilization of data for informed decision-making and actions. This encompasses a spectrum of tasks like data collection, integration, cleansing, validation, auditing, and archival.


Data strategy: roadmap

Data Strategy Roadmap for the Growth of Your Business

A robust data strategy is the cornerstone of successful digitization efforts for businesses across industries. Data has emerged as one of the biggest assets, impacting everything from commercial operations to scientific research and engineering processes.


What is Data Strategy?

Why Businesses Need a Powerful Data Strategy? 6 Ultimate Reasons

A data strategy is a structured and actionable plan of framework designed to amplify the value of your data and drive success in the dynamic digital landscape. The goal is for your organization to utilize data for smarter, quicker, and more effective decision-making, making this the central focus of your data strategy.


Transform DevOps Automation

How Generative AI will Transform DevOps Automation?

Generative AI, an innovative subset of machine learning, has gained prominence for its ability to autonomously produce content with minimal human intervention. However, the transformative power of Generative AI extends well beyond content creation, making a significant impact in software engineering and DevOps Automation.


ChatGPT in NLP

ChatGPT’s Use Cases in Natural Language Processing for Your Business

ChatGPT, an AI-powered real-time Natural Language Processing program by OpenAI, produces human-like text responses, an evolution of the GPT language model. NLP is already prevalent in applications like spam filtering and machine translation.


Gen AI for Business

7 Ways to Boost Growth with Gen AI for Business

For many corporations, Generative AI (Gen AI) has evolved from a futuristic notion to an integral part of their day-to-day operations. Remarkably, a recent poll discovered that 91% of leading companies actively invest in Gen AI, fully acknowledging its indispensable role in driving innovation and efficiency.


AI Governance Strategy

AI Governance Framework & Best Practices

AI governance refers to the frameworks, regulations, and guidelines that govern the development, adoption, and application of AI technology. It has gained significant attention as governments and organizations recognize the importance of responsible AI practices that uphold moral values, transparency, and societal benefits.


Generative AI in Life Sciences & Healthcare

Adoption of Generative AI in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Generative AI in healthcare and life sciences is rapidly transforming the landscape, offering immense potential to revolutionize the industry. It’s ability to analyze large-scale medical data and create new content elevates the standard of care, increases accessibility, and reduces disparities in research and treatment.



How is IoT Reshaping Industrial Automation?

The ever-evolving industry continuously undergoes structural changes, fostering new value creation and enabling the digitization of content and communication services. In 2023, the advent of IoT in industrial automation fuels digital transformation through the availability of essential tools, skilled professionals, and advanced technology.


Business Intelligent Automation

How Businesses Can Get Started with Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent automation (IA) is poised to revolutionize the way businesses achieve impactful results and gain a competitive edge. The integration of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence has ushered in a new era of end-to-end business excellence.


Machine Learning & Deep Learning

The Ultimate Comparison of Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

What exactly are machine learning and deep learning, which frequently emerge in AI discussions? Machine learning uses algorithms to teach computers how to learn and make predictions, while deep learning is a subset that focuses on neural networks and complex data representations.


Why need AI Strategy

Why do Businesses Need an AI Strategy to Succeed?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a truly transformative technology, poised to disrupt every sector and business. It is not solely the domain of major tech organizations and Fortune 500 firms; rather, AI has the potential to benefit companies of all sizes. The key to unlocking AI’s power lies in a well-planned and implemented AI strategy.


Mobile app testing

The Ultimate Mobile App Testing Checklist

To ensure a seamless customer experience, enterprises are heavily investing in the development of high-quality mobile apps that load quickly, offer uninterrupted performance, and deliver optimum user satisfaction. However, even the most scalable and visually appealing mobile apps can be marred by the smallest of errors, resulting in a disrupted user experience.


Mobile app development

A Step-by-Step Guide for Mobile App Development

In today’s world, smartphones have become ubiquitous, transcending geography and industries. It is universally acknowledged that engaging with consumers through mobile devices is the most effective way to capture their attention, generate interest in a brand, and drive sales. Consequently, the mobile app development process has become indispensable for businesses aiming to thrive in the current landscape.


Flutter vs React Native: Comparison

End-To-End Comparison of Flutter vs React Native

In today’s interconnected world, the demand for mobile apps has reached unprecedented heights, creating a fiercely competitive market. Consequently, the choice of development platform has become a topic of significant discussion. As we enter the year 2023, the dilemma between Flutter vs React Native arises, both being the leading platforms for building cross-platform applications.


Build API Architecture

How to Build a Robust API Architecture?

APIs play a crucial role in connecting modern technology with commercial ecosystems. With API architecture, businesses can leverage data monetization, forge valuable partnerships, and unlock new avenues for innovation and expansion. The increasing adoption of API architectures can be attributed to the dynamic market and technological landscape.


Generative AI Ready

Is Your Organization Ready for Generative AI?

Generative AI is transforming the field of artificial intelligence by simulating human speech and decision-making. Its potential to revolutionize various industries, including production design, design research, visual identity, branding, copy creation, and real-time personalization, is immense. However, organizations are unsure whether they are ready for Generative AI, as there are concerns about striking a balance between AI and human work.


CEO's Generative AI Revolution

An Executive’s Guide to Generative AI Revolution

In today’s corporate landscape, AI has become a prominent topic of discussion, driven by its ground-breaking advancements and the transformative potential it holds for operational efficiency. The emergence of the Generative AI revolution has further intensified this focus, capturing global attention. Executives must embrace a Generative AI strategy, moving beyond current endeavors for sustainable growth.


Elon Musk & Bill Gates Generative AI Views

A Tale of Two Billionaires: Elon Musk and Bill Gates’ Generative AI Views

The nascent domain of Generative AI has attracted intense scrutiny in recent years, especially with regards to its capacity to generate novel content such as images, videos, and music. Two prominent figures in the tech industry, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, have articulated their divergent views on this technology. Both billionaire’s perspective on Generative AI varies considerably.


Generative Artificial Intelligence

How Generative AI Tools Like ChatGPT Could Transform Your Business?

The ascent of Generative AI could prove to be a transformative momentous change for businesses. It can increase productivity, efficiency, reduce costs, and create new growth opportunities by automating tasks previously done manually. Advances in Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, exhibit creativity by generating original content based on user interactions and data processing.


Prompt Engineering AI

Prompt Engineering: How to Create an Effective Prompt for Generating Emails & LinkedIn Message?

The term “prompt engineering” describes the process of creating and implementing prompts inside a user interface to assist users in efficiently and effectively achieving their desired objectives. For instance, Open AI’s ChatGPT makes use of prompts like a message or a question that a user might input to get information or perform a certain action.


Artificial Intelligence in Retail

How Can Artificial Intelligence Transform Your Retail Business?

To stay competitive in the current global economy, retail enterprises must put profit and productivity first. To be successful and keep a step ahead of the competition, rapid and effective action is required. AI in retail can enhance operations, boosting revenues and streamlining workflows.


AI in Supply Chain

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Impacting Supply Chain Management?

Industry experts are certain that AI in supply chain management will “change the game”. In a recent podcast, Deepak Mittal, Founder & CEO of NextGen Invent, and Scott Saunders, the CEO of Saunders Leadership Institute, discussed the significant role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in supply chain management, as well as the emerging trends that supply chain managers must keep up with.


AI Model

Top 5 Forces Driving AI Model Development & Decision for Entrepreneurs

As businesses strive to stay ahead of the competition, many are turning to AI model development and machine learning to increase operational efficiency, accelerate innovation, and make smarter decisions. Artificial intelligence has proven to have an impact on every application, from self-driving cars to automated medical procedures. So, what powers artificial intelligence?


Model Performance

Improving ML Model Performance: 5 Key Steps You Should Follow 

According to a recent study from Stanford University researchers, this data-centric ML approach can reduce the amount of training data by anywhere between 10% and 50%, based on the ML task at hand. The effort and resources that ML teams save as a result can be very substantial. 


History/Evolution of Virtual Reality

The Evolution of Virtual Reality: From Science Fiction to Mainstream Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that generates a virtual environment, enabling users to engage and experience a digital world that closely resembles a real-world setting. To immerse themselves in the virtual world, users usually wear a headset that projects a 3D image, along with other peripherals like gloves or controllers that enable interaction with the virtual environment.


XR in Real Estate

How XR Real Estate Can Help Your Startup Thrive

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, extended reality (XR) technologies such as virtual and augmented reality are gaining traction in various industries. For startups looking to enter the corporate or commercial space, XR Real Estate can offer a unique and cost-effective way to establish a presence and differentiate themselves from the competition. There is a growing trend in using virtual technologies to create new ways of conducting business and social interactions.


GCP Key Management System

Data Security: An Overview of GCP’s Key Management Systems (KMS)

Data security refers to the measures and protocols that are used to protect data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure and/or destruction. Data security is important for businesses and organizations because it helps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data, which is critical for the proper functioning of their operations and the protection of their sensitive information.


Smart Factory

Revolutionizing Manufacturing: An Inside Look at the Smart Factory Technology

The first two industrial revolutions refer to a period in history, beginning in the 18th century, characterized by a rapid acceleration of technological and societal change that has continued to the present day. This period saw a shift from agrarian societies to urbanized and industrialized societies, driven by the development of new factory-based production processes in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.


GCP Secret Manager

Managing Secrets in the Cloud: How Google Cloud Secret Manager Helps

Google Cloud’s Secret Manager is a secure storage solution for sensitive information, such as passwords, API keys, and certificates. It provides a centralized location for managing and protecting these secrets and integrates with other Google Cloud services such as Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) to provide a comprehensive security solution.


areas for ChatGPT to improve

5 potential areas for ChatGPT to improve

ChatGPT is one of most talked topics these days. It is an application of Generative AI trained by OpenAI, using the GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) architecture. It can generate human-like text based on a given prompt or context.


Cloud Platform

Choosing a Cloud Platform for Your Application: AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP

Cloud had transformed the way we live our lives. For businesses, cloud technology means scaling and adapting at a speed that can accelerate innovation, drive agility in business, reduce costs and streamline operations. Cloud is also leading companies to increased and substantial growth.


Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: Powerful Tools & Services for the Cloud

In the last few years, cloud computing has become an emergent field in the IT industry. There major cloud providers offer competing computation, storage, network, and application hosting services while providing coverage all over the globe promising the best on-demand prices and performance.


Which blockchain framework is right for your business

Which Blockchain Framework Will Fit Your Business Needs? 

In a constantly growing technology, it is common to ask why there are so many blockchain platforms and what the different capabilities of each one? Here is the summary for you


Is Blockchain right technology for my business

Is Choosing Blockchain Technology Right For My Business?

Explore the potential of blockchain technology for your business. Discover the considerations in deciding whether it is right for your organization’s needs.


Which KPIs to attract Investors

List of Blockchain KPIs that Attract Investors?

Investing venture capitalists look for key performance indicators (KPIs) when selecting a blockchain application/company/project to invest in. Here are the KPIs.



How can Organizations Transform to be Data Insight Driven?

Business leaders of data-driven organizations realize the benefits of leaning from data and insights to make smart business moves. Data-driven organizations derive value from data analytics.


Secrets of Successful Data Led Organizations

5 Secrets of Successful Data Led Organizations

Data led organizations are known to consistently outperform those that do not, making informed, efficient decisions that increase profitability and reduce cost.


The Power of Data: Manufacturing Organizations turning into Smart Factories

Power of Data: Manufacturing Organizations turning into Smart Factories

The power of Data, AI, automation and Analytics can enable manufacturers to increase productivity of their business by providing insightful predictions…


AI in Surgery: Opportunities, Applications, and Challenges

AI in Surgery: Opportunities, Applications, and Challenges

The term Artificial intelligence (AI) was expressed for the first time by John McCarthy in the year 1955. It refers to a machine’s ability to learn and demonstrate intellect that is advanced than human intelligence…


Future of Digital Health

The Future of Digital Health Technology: Personalization is the Key

Over the past decade, the healthcare industry has seen tremendous developments and innovations, and without a doubt, we have only scratched the surface. The inner workings of the healthcare.


Unfolding Health Tech Revolution: The Next Big Thing in Indian Healthcare

Unfolding Health Tech Revolution: The Next Big Thing in Digital Healthcare

In the last few decades, the advent of technology has touched almost all aspects of our lives. One field, in particular, that has seen major growth and transformation due to technology is the healthcare field…


Digital Health is here to tackle wellness and diseases

Digital Health is defined by The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) as the bridge that transforms healthcare by connecting and empowering people to manage health and wellness, augmented…


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