5 potential areas for ChatGPT to improve

ChatGPT is one of most talked topics these days. It is an application of Generative AI trained by OpenAI, using the GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) architecture. It can generate human-like text based on a given prompt or context. It can be used for a variety of natural language processing tasks, such as language translation, question answering, and text summarization.
While it is a powerful tool for natural language processing, there are several limitations that users should be aware of. In this blog, we will be highlighting seven areas that ChatGPT can improve upon.


1.Enhance non-English languages

Natural language generation by ChatGPT is far better in English than in other languages. When asked to write a poem in both Hindi and English, the output in English was significantly better than that in Hindi. Despite ChatGPT’s claim to be a general language model, not specific to any language, it seems that there are more improvements required in future releases.


2.Credible source of information

ChatGPT has faced criticism for its sometimes incorrect or non-meaningful outputs. This can be particularly evident when it comes to quoting facts and numbers, which undermines the credibility and authority of its responses. ChatGPT’s output still require additional validation in order to ensure the accuracy.


3. Search latest information on the internet

While ChatGPT is an impressive language model, there’s one major limitation: it’s not connected to the internet. This lack of internet connection means that ChatGPT is unable to access real-time information or browse or search for information. This can lead to some interesting and unexpected results. For example, the model may not always be able to provide accurate or relevant information, especially when it comes to current events or world happenings.
It would be interesting to see how ChatGPT performs with internet access, and whether it would be able to provide more accurate and relevant information in real-time.

ChatGpt Language

As it is not connected to the internet hence it cannot take any actions on your behalf, unlike Alexa or Google Assistant which can book an appointment for you.

ChatGpt Language

4. Provide information on anything after 2021

This happens because it does not know of any event which happened after 2021 and it cannot update itself by going online.


5. Provide personalized relative answers

ChatGPT has been designed to not provide personalized information. This is a constraint that has reportedly been imposed on the model by its creators, and it has both positive and negative aspects. On the positive side, this constraint can help prevent the model from providing potentially harmful or misleading information, such as ranking hospitals without adequate knowledge or expertise. However, on the negative side, it may also limit the model’s ability to provide useful and relevant information to users who are looking for comparisons or rankings.

ChatGPT Answers


Despite all its limitations, ChatGPT remains a major step forward for OpenAI and a promising development in the field of language modelling. The team at OpenAI has put a lot of work into ChatGPT and it shows in the results. However, it is important for users to be aware of its limitations and know the new advancements that may be coming in future. Overall, ChatGPT is a welcome addition to the world of artificial intelligence and one that is sure to continue improving as it is further developed and refined.

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Dr Pranjal Pandey earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical High Energy Physics from the Homi Bhabha National Institute, which is under the aegis of the Department of Atomic Energy in India. His publication on the topic of Flat Space Holography, has been cited by leading groups at Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford. His extensive experience in using mathematical models to price derivatives and forecast market movements based on alternative text data, like tweets and news headlines, distinguishes him from others.

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