Edge 2023 Corporate Event: Fueling Innovation at NextGen Invent's Meet

Welcome to Edge 2023, NextGen Invent’s annual corporate event where team meeting transcends boundaries, uniting all team members under one roof for an extraordinary experience. This year holds a special place in our journey as we collectively embraced the spirit of camaraderie, engaging in a myriad of building activities that go beyond the traditional corporate setting. From exhilarating dance performances that displayed our diverse talents to harmonious singing sessions that resonated with shared passion, and innovative team building activities that sparked creativity, Edge 2023 has been a celebration of unity and collaboration.

Join us in reliving these memorable moments that have not only strengthened our bonds but have also fueled the flames of innovation within NextGen Invent.

Edge 2023 Corporate Event

“Participating in outdoor team building activities fosters meaningful interpersonal connections, prompting employees to engage beyond organizational hierarchies. This encourages interaction unbounded by job roles, fostering a culture that transcends formalities and promotes genuine collaboration.”Mckinsey

Edge 2023 Corporate Event: Unveiling the Vibrant Activities

Edge 2023 spans seven days, with the first two dedicated to all team members, featuring a spectrum of activities from meet-and-greet to a lively post-award night and dance party. The subsequent five days are exclusively for executives, focusing on strategic meetings to propel NextGen Invent’s future initiatives.

Corporate Event Edge 2023

1. Team Harmony: Meetup & Fun Activities

The inaugural day of Edge 2023 commenced with a pivotal session, the “Meet and Greet,” fostering connections among team members and managers. This gave team members a way to strengthen their bonds with one another. Following this engaging session, the collective indulged in a luncheon, featuring a profound discussion led by our esteemed CEO, Deepak Mittal. He generously shared heartfelt memories from his time in college, his first job experiences, and the life-changing path that led to his current position as CEO of NextGen Invent Corporation. This insightful discourse served as a motivational beacon for the entire team. Additionally, he introduced his college friend, offering a glimpse into their shared college experiences.

The day transitioned into a series of dynamic team building activities orchestrated by a charismatic host. Games encompassed singing, dancing, mimicry, push-ups, language tests, and more, fostering a spirit of collaboration and friendly competition. The victorious team reaped rewards, culminating in a memorable day of bonding, learning, and laughter—a testament to Edge 2023’s commitment to holistic team development.

2. Celebrating Excellence: Award Night with CEO’s Mind-Bobbling Speech

The award night of the corporate event commenced with an awe-inspiring speech from CEO Deepak Mittal. He highlighted that at NextGen Invent, our journey is punctuated by achievements that evoke pride and define our commitment to excellence:

  • We have honed precision in Artificial Intelligence, highlighting our dedication to pushing technological boundaries by delivering solutions that help mankind and save lives.
  • In the field of data analytics, our prowess is exemplified by the creation of the largest dataset through groundbreaking initiatives with a healthcare giant.
  • Our agility is not just a claim but a tangible feat – the rapid data collection from 40,000 websites in mere three months and developing a niche dataset with an impressive accuracy rate of 97.5%.
  • Showcasing our client in warehouse management category in Magic Quadrant by Gartner is not to be taken lightly.
  • Our peculiar startup culture, which recognizes that perfection frequently lies in the attention to detail, is ingrained in who we are. Our approach to problem-solving mirrors this ethos – we emphasize simplicity and efficiency, eschewing excessive reliance on R&D and ensuring that we leverage the right tools and wisdom of our peers. We foster a culture that innovation and excellence are not just goals but embedded principles that guide our every endeavor.
  • The award night celebrated these principles with seven categories, recognizing outstanding contributions through Rising Star, Rising Leader, Trailblazing Technologist, Brand Ambassador, Excellence, President, and NGI Pillars and President Awards. Each award highlighted the dedication and hard work of team members, reinforcing the core values of precision, agility, and enduring excellence at NextGen Invent.

3. Dance Party and Dinner

Following the award night, the atmosphere shifted to a lively post-celebration where all team members joined in a spirited dance party, moving to the beats, and reveling in shared fun. The team members’ sociability persisted during dinner, creating a conducive atmosphere for them to talk about their short-term goals. The evening embodied not only the recognition of achievements but also the togetherness and happiness that characterize NextGen Invent’s vibrant culture, laying the groundwork for future joint endeavors.

Edge 2023 Corporate Event Dance Party

Edge 2023 Corporate Event Team Activity Discussion

4. Synergizing Minds: Team Discussion

On the second day of Edge 2023, the entire team converged for a productive session centered on team-building activities. The focus was on leveraging common sense combined with logical thinking to boost work productivity. Detailed discussions ensued on SOPs that serve as guiding principles for everyone. Team members actively participated, sharing insights, and fostering a culture of collective problem-solving. The discourse extended to reflections on NextGen Invent’s work culture, with unanimous agreement that it indeed stands as a “Great Place to Work.” This collaborative exchange not only reinforced a commitment to efficiency but also solidified the team’s shared belief in the company’s positive and thriving work environment.

5. Capturing Memories: Team Pictures Session

The team spirit reached its zenith during the corporate event when everyone gathered for an unforgettable team picture session. Each member seized the opportunity to capture moments with their respective project managers, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. Executives joined in, creating a visual testament to leadership engagement. Beyond snapshots, cool videos were crafted, encapsulating the dynamic spirit of the day. A shared lunch followed, providing a platform for farewells and expressions of gratitude. As team members bid adieu to their fellow mates, the corporate event for team members concluded on a note of shared experiences and strengthened connections, affirming NextGen Invent’s ethos of teamwork.

Edge 2023 Corporate Event Team Pictures Session

6. Executive Planning & Strategy Sessions

Days 3 to 7 of Edge 2023 were dedicated exclusively to executives engaging in strategic meetings to propel NextGen Invent’s future initiatives. Each executive delved into their respective domain goals and outlined strategic plans. The discussions were marked by a convergence of visionary thinking and operational precision, shaping the trajectory of the company’s growth. On the concluding day, a comprehensive summary and synthesis of the strategies unfolded, marking the concluding chapter of Edge 2023. The corporate event served not only as a platform for team bonding and celebration but also as a crucial forum for aligning the company’s strategic compass. With collective insights, the executives fortified NextGen Invent’s commitment to innovation, setting the stage for a remarkable journey ahead.

Wrapping Up

As Edge 2023 gracefully concludes, it leaves behind a trail of shared triumphs and strategic blueprints. This isn’t a finale; it’s a prelude to future collaborations and innovations. Each shared laugh, each insightful discourse, and every strategic plan woven here contribute to a tapestry of collective success. Our journey doesn’t conclude here; it evolves. We look forward to reconvening at Edge 2024, where new milestones await. The bonds forged and lessons learned will continue to propel NextGen Invent toward greater heights.

Until we reconvene, the resonance of Edge persists—an enduring commitment to excellence, collaboration, and the shared odyssey toward an even more brilliant future awaits.


“In the nexus of shared achievements and strategic foresight, Edge 2023 is not a finale but a catalyst for future excellence. As we part ways, remember, this isn’t the end; it’s the beginning of a journey that converges again at Edge 2024.”

Khushbu Dadoo

COO, India