H2O – An Opensource Platform for AI Model development

H2O – An open-source artificial intelligence (AI) platform available through It is trusted by many data scientists and has become the go-to platform for AI-based model development. Many widely used statistical models and algorithms can be developed using H2O, adding to its popularity amongst data analysts and practitioners. Deep learning, generalized linear models, and boosted machines are some of the models supported by H2O.

One of the main features of H2O is that it automatically runs through all the algorithms (using its AutoML functionality) to produce a leaderboard of all the best applications. H2O provides its API support for Python, R, Scala, and as a GUI framework Flow making it quite accessible to programmers with different skillsets.


There are some alternatives to H2O such as Splunk, KNIME , Amazon SageMaker, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, RapidMiner, and IBM Watson Studio that are also available.

However, H2O remains the framework of choice due to the following reasons:

  • It has AutoML functionality​
  • Also has, Bigdata support with H2O’s Sparkling Water​
  • Readily available algorithms, easy to use in the analytical projects​
  • Faster than Python scikit learn (in machine learning supervised learning area)​
  • It is available as an opensource
  • Its development is supported on local machines, AWS, Azure, IBM, GCP​
  • Its deployment is supported across a broad range of production environments (as a REST service (Local and Cloud) as well as an AWS lambda function)
  • Access to the core development team, speed of problem resolution, and feature additions are excellent
    In addition to H2O, offers the following Enterprise platforms:
  • H2O wave – it is used to build visually attractive images and interactive Artificial Intelligence applications.
  • H2O Driverless AI – it is like a web application with its own UI and UX; it is used to tune parameters while configuring models saving some time for the data scientists.

There are no major challenges with H2O. Of course, more detailed documentation could be made available for H2O. Overall, H2O – An open-source artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular frameworks available for AI and ML-based model building. At NextGen Invent, our data scientists are experienced in building many such models using various frameworks including H2O.

H2O – An open-source artificial intelligence (AI). We would love to hear from you about your framework of choice!

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