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What Artificial Intelligence and its adoption means to business?

AI is no longer a dream for the future: it has become a reality across all industries and spheres of life, especially the business world. As with anything new, it can be a challenge to adopt AI within existing systems. So, how can you harness the power of AI?

It all starts at the top, business leaders are the change agents, and game-changers, it falls upon them to enlighten their colleagues, employees, and others. They articulate the pros and cons of AI as well as how it can help accelerate business growth.


The Benefits of AI for Business

Regardless of your niche, there’s a way that AI can help you. A few broad advantages you can expect with AI integration include:

  • Improved employee efficiency – Automate processes can save time and effort that employees can direct towards other goals instead of being bogged down with repetitive manual tasks.
  • Improve Quality – Using Machine learning for analysis and processes can bring accuracy. That delivers consistently better results and avoid room for error with manual work
  • Proactive than Reactive – AI and its adoption can provide you with predictive analytics allowing you to tackle unforeseen problems, meet customer demands with ease, and find better ways to grow your business.

How Do You Increase AI Adoption?

Most businesses are well aware that AI could help them innovate but not many understand how exactly that happens. Change agents struggle on how to reap the benefits of AI via driving its adoption. To maximize benefits and increase adoption, we recommend a 2-pronged approach:

1. Enabling Workforce with data and Insights

Our first recommendation is to initially focus on building the main KPI-based dashboards so that power is in the hands of employees and managers. The process of defining these KPIs and dashboards will help you refine your business goals and truly figure out what you need your AI system to accomplish.

2. Build on the success of the prior step using a four-step approach: discover, plan, act, and optimize.

  • Discovery involves accessing the state of your data, the capabilities of your people, the feasibility of your system, etc. Assessing your data value is the single most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your AI system. Data is the lifeblood of any AI system and having structured, clean data can make or break AI initiatives.
  • Plan out your mission and vision for your AI solution by defining the obstacles in your business and converting insights into potential solutions.
  • Then we move on to the act – Implementation of the planned activities. We suggest choosing the right problem to solve based on its impact and adoption rate. AI use cases impact is calculated based on which business workflow it can be part of.
  • Lastly, you need to optimize systems, and processes. AI systems thrive on learning and constantly optimizing will ensure that insight is real and valid with changing business, and your system stay trustworthy.