Nextgen Invent has achieved highest level of competency in Data Platform and Data Analytics. We have an expert team to help our customers design and develop powerful and versatile data platforms as well as discover actionable insights for data led transformation of their business.

Data Management

Data has become the biggest asset for any business. Data, when processed properly, can be monetized. At NextGen Invent, we have the Industry Knowledge, Technical Excellence, and Experience to help you unlock the value of your data. We partner with organizations to answer the most pressing and strategic questions with data.

“Data is the key ingredient for the success and growth of any organization. By implementing data standardization procedures, automated data verification, data transformation, data de-duplication and data linking, we can get the data ready for insights and AI Models.”

Business Analytics

What We Do

Data Strategy and Roadmap

  • Rapid Prototyping & Tool Evaluation
  • Data Acquisition plan
  • Data Quality measures
  • Data Compliance needs

Data Transformation and Connectivity

  • Data Scraping and Extraction
  • Data Matching across systems
  • Scalable Data Processing & Storage
  • Extract-Transform-Load

Data Governance and Security

  • Data Governance
  • Master Data Management
  • Reference Data Management
  • Data Security Processes


Artificial Intelligence and Analytics plays a vital role in making organizations more efficient, bringing visibility and accelerating growth. Our services empower organizations to gain information edge using data and actionable Insights.

When the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning applied on data available from internal and/or external sources, a powerhouse for strategic decision making is created.

“Data driven decision making takes the guess work out of any strategy. It helps align organization goals, objectives, and initiatives based on data.”

Business Analytics

What We Do

Analytics Strategy

  • Data and Analytics Platform Selection
  • KPI & Visualization
  • AI/ML Model Application

Analytics Product Development

  • Cloud Data and AI Platform
  • Automated Data Integration
  • Embedded Analytics for SaaS products

Dashboard Delivery

  • KPI Dashboards for decision making
  • Ops Dashboards for efficiency measures

“We are a team of Industry experts that can deliver business value using your structured and unstructured data. We have established tools, frameworks, processes and best practices to ensure our customers get the growth to outperform the competition.”

Our Views

What Our Customers Say

Jamie Blackport

CEO and Founder partner, Mirador Analytics

Mirador Analytics selected NextGen Invent because of company’s industry knowledge and customizable analytics platform to deliver its proprietary pharmaceutical Asset Evaluation Tool (Forecasting and pricing models for pharmaceutical industry). It has been a pleasure working with NextGen Invent and we are looking forward to an ongoing relationship to integrate more services and features into our business.

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