Weathering the Storm: Why Supply Chain Resilienceis Always in Season?
When:   June 4th 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Where:   LinkedIn
Contact:   [email protected]
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Weathering the Storm: Why Supply Chain Resilience is Always in Season?

Join us for an insightful discussion on supply chain resilience in our upcoming event. Discover why building resilient supply chains is essential year-round. Explore strategies to mitigate disruptions and adapt to changing market conditions. Whether facing natural disasters or global crises, learn how resilience ensures continuity and success. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the domain of supply chain management.

  • Duane Kotsen - Partner | Advisor, Marlborough Street Partners | NextGen Invent
  • Deepak Mittal - Founder & CEO, NextGen Invent
Key Insights
  • “Know-the-Self”- Learn about your suppliers, customers, and business to leverage the full potential of the Supply Chain.
  • Benefits like risk management, and data analysis automation of mundane tasks will not only save time but will ensure accuracy.
  • Analyze your risk regarding suppliers, locations, and product design.
  • Map your end-to-end supply chain to identify dependencies, bottlenecks, and single points of failure.
  • AI & ML have the potential to revolutionize the scenario of Supply Chain.
Why Not to Miss this Event
  • A secret unfolded about supply chain resilience with industry leaders Deepak Mittal and Duane Kotsen.
  • Strategies for effectively addressing supply chain management challenges.
  • Discussion of potential risks, challenges, and trends of business.
  • Intervention of AI & ML in Supply Chain and its worth in the industry.
Key Influencers
  • Bill Haines
  • Jeff Swartz
  • Ed Perry
  • Michael Curtin
  • Ken Marshall
  • William Blundon
  • Jennifer Gabler
  • Jonathan B.
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Don’t miss our event, “Weathering the Storm: Why Supply Chain Resilience is Always in Season”! Strategies for effectively addressing supply chain management challenges. Gain valuable insights into maintaining resilient supply chains amidst challenges. Network with industry experts and stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Bios of the Panelists

Deepak Mittal (Speaker) is an accomplished serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in product, AI, and data Strategy. He is experienced in transforming an organization into an insight-driven, AI-enabled organization. Currently, Deepak holds the Founder & CEO position of NextGen Invent Corporation, a leading global professional services company that has always been at the forefront of providing solutions using disruptive technologies such as AI, Computer Vision, NLP, and Intelligent Automation. During his career, Deepak has served as a member of the Board of Directors of many companies including D4DT, Optym, and Launch Right Now. He is a strategic advisor of various organizations that grew from small start-ups to a unicorn or had successful exits. Deepak holds expertise in evaluating new product ideas, devising an appropriate product and AI strategy, transforming organizations into insights-driven organizations, and structuring strategic partnerships. Deepak has an MBA from Columbia Business School, and an M.S. in Industrial Management Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Duane Kotsen (Speaker) guides Board Members and C-Suite of technology companies on strategic intent, value proposition and outcome measurement, competitive advantage, messaging to economic buyers, and excellence in the customer experience and journey.
Over the last decade, he has been part of three leadership teams that executed successful exits, bringing substantial value to shareholders. He managed global teams with P&Ls of up to $400MM and over 2,000 individuals.
Duane held a range of senior roles at companies like Blue Yonder, Deltek, and QAD. He has worked with many segments in the enterprise software space, including ERP, HCM, SCM, CRM as well as Data Management/Integration and Enterprise Architecture tools and Machine Learning/AI applications.

Special Thanks to
  • Bill Haines - Partner, Marlborough Street Partners
  • Tarun Mittal - Digital Marketing Specialist, NextGen Invent