IT strategy

AI, Data and Integration Strategy

We help aligning Information Technology with your core business to win over the competition. IT Transformation, Data Analytics strategy and Cloud strategy will bring agility, efficiency, and security to your business. We help our customers achieve business goals by addressing the most critical success factors, including master planning and technology with minimum investments.

“Executives should focus on targeted efforts to source data, build models, and transform organizational culture.” – Mckinsey

it strategy

What We Do

Empower Disruptive Innovators

  • Layout disruptive technology trends
  • Identify and recommend opportunities
  • Gain a competitive edge

IT Strategy Alignment

  • Align Information Technology to help your business win and have a sustained growth in the future

Operations & Process Transformation

  • Improve operational productivity
  • Create workflows
  • Process automation
  • Enterprise integration

Technology Due Diligence

Data and Technology are the biggest assets in many Mergers and Acquisition deals. Buyers, including corporations and private equity firms, are looking to evaluate the quality of this asset to understand the true value behind the M&A. Our Due-diligence practitioners have extensive industry and technology experience to provide you unbiased advice on Asset quality for your Mergers and Acquisition decisions. It is important to understand solution scalability, robustness – Assessment and recommendations for technology system’s scalability, performance, security, and architecture

Technology Due Diligence

What We Do

Make sound investment decision

  • Evaluation of the quality of the asset helps in understanding the true value and in turn enables in making sound investment decisions

Quantify data assets value

  • Our Due-diligence practitioners have extensive industry and technology experience to quantify the data assets value

Mitigate business risks

  • We highlight the Technology and Data Integration limitations to mitigate the business risks

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

We help organization with consulting and defining roadmaps for Regulatory Compliance for HIPAA, SOC-2, GDPR, ISO 270001.

  • Develop SOX, internal audit, VAT and currency exchange rules
  • Develop systems for forensic accounting and eDiscovery process
  • FDA compliance rules implementation
  • Implement de-id and Patient matching software
  • HIPPA Compliance for Health technology solution
  • Predictive modeling to find fraud for insurance book of business
  • Social Media monitoring and alerts

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Product Strategy and Roadmap

We help organizations in building products with AI Enablement, Analytics solutions and Cloud solutions. In Product Strategy, we extend our services to Web and Mobile Applications, ERP Solutions and also Managed Services and Testing CoE.

Product Strategy and Roadmap

What We Do

Product and Application Strategy

  • Combine technology, business acumen, industry knowledge, and mathematics to set priorities and shape strategies

Mobile Strategy

  • Shared Mobile Strategy
  • Native and Hybrid (cross-platform) Applications
  • Rapid development using Framework components
  • Secure data and transactions

Managed Services

  • DevOps Solutions
  • Application Maintenance
  • Software Support
  • System and App Monitoring

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