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“NextGen Invent CEO Deepak Mittal Leads Discussion on AI Trends in Patient Engagement and Remote Monitoring”

NextGen Invent, a leading innovator in healthcare technology, is proud to announce a recent LinkedIn Event that happened on February 29, 2024, featuring a dynamic conversation between CEO, Deepak Mittal, and renowned industry expert Gennaro Maida. The event, titled “Reshaping Patient Engagement and Remote Patient Monitoring- 2024’s AI Trends,” provided valuable insights into the current and future direction of AI in healthcare. During the event, Mr. Mittal and Mr. Maida delved into the key AI trends reshaping patient engagement and remote patient monitoring. They highlighted the significance of multimodal data utilization, emphasizing AI’s ability to analyze diverse data types such as images, video, audio, as well as language. Mr. Maida said, “Being trained on huge datasets allows the models to see nuances that weren’t there before, ultimately enhancing patient care.”

The discussion underscored the pivotal role of remote patient monitoring in modern healthcare, with Mr. Mittal emphasizing its importance in bridging the gap between discrete healthcare visits. According to CEO Deepak Mittal, “Remote monitoring, coupled with AI support, becomes crucial in keeping track of patient health and providing timely interventions.” The conversation also addressed the unique features of AI-powered patient engagement platforms, which enable more natural interactions between patients and healthcare providers. Additionally, they discussed the challenges and risks associated with AI in healthcare, emphasizing the need to address data bias, privacy concerns, and ethical considerations. They also stressed the need for continuous improvement based on feedback from stakeholders and real-world usage, while also acknowledging the importance of having humans in the loop to oversee AI-driven processes and provide necessary expertise.

The event concluded with insights on the collaborative approach needed for successful AI implementation in healthcare. Mr. Mittal emphasized, “Collaboration between healthcare professionals, technologists, regulators, and patients is essential for the successful implementation of AI in healthcare.”

The successful LinkedIn Event provided attendees with actionable insights and best practices for integrating AI into patient engagement and remote monitoring in healthcare. By bringing together industry leaders like Deepak Mittal and Gennaro Maida, NextGen Invent continues to drive innovation and shape the future of digital healthcare.

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About Gennaro Maida

Mr. Gennaro Maida is one of the NextGen Invent Advisors, a seasoned Senior C-suite Executive with a remarkable background spanning over 20 years in biomedical engineering, technology, medicine, as well as data science. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Maida has been instrumental in ushering in the next generation of medical solutions, leveraging the power of data science as well as real-time biometrics.

His expertise extends beyond the boardroom, as he actively serves in advisory roles, propelling health-tech startups to unprecedented heights. He is recognized as one of the Top 100 Health Care Visionaries by the International Forum for the Advancement of Healthcare.

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