NextGen Invent Corporation, an esteemed organization, has received significant recognition for its pioneering contributions in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Deepak Mittal, the visionary Founder, and CEO of NextGen Invent, has been personally invited as a distinguished speaker at the highly anticipated “Meet the Founders & Chiefs of Artificial Intelligence Startups – Part 2” conference, set to take place in New York.

The upcoming conference will showcase distinguished enterprises that offer AI services and training. It will examine AI’s enormous potential for data analysis, knowledge enrichment, problem-solving, and predictive capabilities. Utilizing AI, companies can gain insightful knowledge from the enormous amounts of data they produce, opening the door for unmatched development and innovation.

Part Two of the conference will feature an esteemed panel of distinguished industry experts, representing companies specializing in AI consulting and data analysis services for various sectors. Notable panelists include Debra Bass, the accomplished Global CMO & President of Nuvo Group America, focusing on AI data analysis for healthcare, particularly at-risk pregnancies, and Michael Iacona, the esteemed Chief Strategy & Growth Officer of fuse machines, who will share insights into AI consulting and training for tech professionals.

The revolutionary AI models created by NextGen Invent for disease prevention and control will be presented by Deepak Mittal himself. The insightful Founder of System 2 LLC, Matei Zatreanu, will provide insight into AI data analysis for financial services, especially hedge funds. Jeremy Kagan, the esteemed Managing Director of CBS’s Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Centre, will moderate the discussion in his capacity as the distinguished moderator. With his wealth of expertise in entrepreneurship, he will undoubtedly facilitate an engaging and enlightening discussion.

Join us at this exclusive session to delve into the fascinating world of AI services and training and examine the transformational possibilities of artificial intelligence. The panel will be moderated by Jeremy Kagan, Managing Director of The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, CBS (Moderator) Click here for more information.

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