“NextGen Invent Corporation Announces Strategic Collaboration as an IBM Business Partner”

NextGen Invent Corporation has achieved a significant milestone by establishing a strategic partnership as an IBM Business Partner. This collaboration underscores NextGen Invent’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technological solutions and services to its clients. This affiliation enhances NextGen Invent’s capacity to provide cutting-edge expertise and innovative offerings in the technology sector.

As an IBM Business Partner, NextGen Invent leverages an extensive spectrum of resources, tools, and technologies, fostering the augmentation of its operational capacities. This collaborative affiliation exemplifies NextGen Invent’s resolute commitment to furnishing clients with superior value and innovative solutions, harnessing IBM’s unparalleled expertise within the domain.

“Customers now have the assurance that they are collaborating with an IBM Business Partner that consistently delivers the highest levels of excellence,” stated Deepak Mittal, CEO of NextGen Invent. “This partnership impeccably aligns with our company’s objective—fostering cutting-edge solutions that catalyze economic advancement and technological refinement—which harmoniously resonates with the inherent goals of this association.”

Through the establishment of this strategic alliance, NextGen Invent acquires privileged access to IBM’s comprehensive array of offerings and services, thus enabling the exploration of innovative pathways to effectively cater to evolving client prerequisites and intricate challenges spanning multifaceted industrial domains. In its esteemed role as an IBM Business Partner, NextGen Invent Corporation inherently signifies an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of excellence, perpetually propelling the frontiers of technological solutions.

About NextGen Invent Corp

NextGen Invent excels in the strategic design and seamless implementation of innovative AI models, complemented by the pioneering development and release of cutting-edge analytics products. Bolstered by a workforce credited with conceiving over 350 AI models and over 20 analytics products, the organization has solidified its leadership stance within the domain of data analytics.

Our core service offerings are:

  • AI Enablement & Automation
  • Data + Analytics
  • Product Development
  • IT Strategy

At NextGen Invent, our skilled team takes great joy in providing unique services to create products. We set a pinnacle of compliance standards, steadfastly upholding the tenets of HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR regulations, thereby fortifying the zenith of data privacy and security measures.

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