Supply Chain Resilience

“Weathering the Storm: Industry Experts Deepak Mittal and Duane Kotsen to Discuss Supply Chain Resilience”

In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and disruptions, the importance of supply chain resilience has never been more critical. NextGen Invent is proud to host an insightful event titled “Weathering the Storm: Why Supply Chain Resilience is Always in Season.” The event will feature Deepak Mittal, CEO & Founder of NextGen Invent, and Duane Kotsen, Advisor at NextGen Invent, who will provide critical insights into fortifying supply chains against future disruptions.

Duane will address the essential need for supply chain resilience, emphasizing why businesses must prioritize resilience in today’s volatile environment. He will identify the underlying issues that often go unnoticed but significantly impact supply chain stability. He will also highlight the risks businesses face when their supply chains lack resilience, ranging from operational disruptions to financial losses.

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on best practices for enhancing supply chain resilience. Kotsen will share strategic steps that businesses should take to build robust supply chains capable of withstanding various disruptions. Moreover, he will discuss the integration of advanced technologies into supply chain processes, demonstrating how innovations can play a pivotal role in bolstering resilience.

Registration is open to all industry professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of supply chain resilience.

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Event Details:

  • Date: Tuesday, June 04, 2024
  • Time: 12:00 to 01:00 PM EDT
  • Platform: LinkedIn Live

About NextGen Invent

NextGen Invent is a leading IT and AI services and consulting company, specializing in advanced artificial intelligence, generative AI, computer vision, intelligent automation, and data analytics. The company excels in industries such as healthcare, supply chain, finance, and manufacturing. With a robust portfolio that includes the creation of 500+ AI models, 20+ AI roadmaps, the execution of 550+ projects, and the development of 100+ software products, NextGen Invent stands as a leader in driving technological innovation.

Our core service offerings are:

  • AI Enablement & Automation
  • Data Analytics & IoT
  • SaaS Product Development
  • IT Strategy & Consulting

The company’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its custom product development services, widely recognized as industry-leading. To ensure the highest data privacy and security levels, the team prioritizes strict adherence to regulatory standards, including HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR.

About Deepak Mittal

Deepak Mittal is an accomplished serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in product, AI, and data Strategy. He is experienced in transforming an organization into an insight-driven, AI-enabled organization. Currently, Deepak holds the Founder & CEO position of NextGen Invent Corporation, a leading global professional services company that has always been at the forefront of providing solutions using disruptive technologies such as AI, Computer Vision, NLP, and Intelligent Automation. During his career, Deepak has served as a member of the Board of Directors of many companies including D4DT, Optym, and Launch Right Now. He is a strategic advisor of various organizations that grew from small start-ups to a unicorn or had successful exits.

Deepak holds expertise in evaluating new product ideas, devising an appropriate product and AI strategy, transforming organizations into insights-driven organizations, and structuring strategic partnerships.

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About Duane Kotsen

Duane Kotsen is a seasoned technology executive and ran the Services and Consulting teams at some of the largest supply chain software companies.

Currently, Duane is a Partner at Marlborough Street Partners where he provides strategic advice to technology company boards and C-suite executives. He is also an invaluable advisor to us at NextGen Invent. He has held various senior roles at companies such as Blue Yonder, Deltek, and QAD and contributed to the successful sales of several of these companies. Earlier in his career, Duane managed global operations teams at PeopleSoft and Oracle and was instrumental in the globalization efforts at both companies.

Duane’s efforts are currently focused on helping companies with the deployment of AI technologies, leadership development, growth through partnership and acquisitions, and enhancing the customer experience.

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