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Episode 02 | Posted on May 17, 2023

In this podcast episode, Deepak Mittal, Founder & CEO of NextGen Invent, interviews Ron Kyslinger, a highly respected industry expert and advisor. Ron shares his insights on adopting AI and automation, the evolving role of these technologies in supply chain initiatives, incorporating them into Walmart's operations, and managing AI risks.


  • Ron explores the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in revolutionizing supply chain operations, highlighting notable applications like leveraging deep learning algorithms to enhance robotic picking capabilities and employing virtual training environments to facilitate skill development.
  • He underscores the significance of converting data into actionable insights, underscoring the immense potential of AI in streamlining workflows and enhancing decision-making processes, thereby fostering optimal operational efficiency. 
  • Ron shares his experience of incorporating AI and automation in Walmart’s operations, including the use of vision-guided vehicles and the importance of educating and reassuring employees about AI capabilities and safety measures. 
  • He accentuates the significance of ascribing value to AI and automation enterprises based on their aptitude for addressing complex challenges and aligning technological solutions with specific operational needs and use cases. 
  • Deepak and Ron discuss the challenges and risks associated with AI, emphasizing the need for diverse teams, accountability, and logical approaches to manage and mitigate those risks effectively. 
  • He elucidates the necessity of human engagement in conjunction with establishing comprehensive guidelines for AI systems, ensuring their adherence to predefined rules and ability to rebound from unforeseen circumstances, thereby reinforcing operational stability and accountability.
  • Ron proposes a phased approach to the adoption of AI and automation, initiating with targeted applications such as pattern recognition within e-commerce and fulfillment sites, facilitating a systematic and controlled integration of advanced technologies into existing operational frameworks. 
  • He mentions that private equity firms and VC firms evaluate these companies by considering financial aspects, market potential, and technical expertise to ensure the right solutions are applied to the right problems. 

Host and Guest

Deepak Mittal

Founder & CEO

Ron Kyslinger


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Episode 01 | Posted on Apr 17, 2023

Deepak Mittal, Founder & CEO of NextGen Invent, and Scott Saunders, Advisor of NextGen Invent discuss the significant role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in supply chain management, as well as the emerging trends that supply chain managers must keep up with. 

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