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Episode 12 | Posted on May 14, 2024

Welcome to Technocrats Episode 12: "Reimagine Supply Chain - Trends of AI, Gen AI, & Automation Part 3!" Deepak, Mario, and Jagan discuss challenges in AI implementation. Deepak cites data quality and expertise gaps, while Mario emphasizes robust data strategies. They stress fostering innovation and talent development to overcome hurdles effectively. Tune in for insights!


Welcome to the Technocrats Episode 12: Reimagine Supply Chain – Trends of AI, Gen AI, & Automation Part 3!

Join Deepak Mittal, Mario Najera Villegas, and Jagan Reddy as they navigate the future of supply chain and logistics in an insightful discussion.

In this episode, Jagan poses a critical question to Deepak and Mario regarding the challenges faced by supply chain leaders when implementing AI, and how these hurdles can be overcome. Both experts offer profound insights, shedding light on key obstacles and potential solutions.

Deepak identifies two primary challenges associated with AI implementation in supply chain management: data quality issues and a lack of AI expertise within the workforce. Mario emphasizes the crucial role of a robust data strategy and quality for successful AI integration.

Overall, Deepak and Mario stress the multifaceted nature of these challenges, underlining the importance of addressing data quality concerns, fostering an innovative culture, and investing in talent development to overcome them effectively.

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Deepak Mittal

Deepak Mittal

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Jagan Reddy

Jagan Reddy

Mario Najera

Mario Najera Villegas

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In Part II of "Reimagine Supply Chain: Trends of AI, Gen AI & Automation," experts like Deepak Mittal, Mario Najera Villegas, and Jagan Reddy discuss how AI, Gen AI, and automation are reshaping logistics. Topics include AI-driven analytics for inventory, adaptive Gen AI solutions, and automation's role in efficiency and cost reduction.


Welcome to The Technocrats Episode 10: "Reimagine Supply Chain - Trends of AI, Gen AI, & Automation Part 1!" Deepak Mittal, Mario Najera Villegas, and Jagan Reddy discuss AI's impact on supply chain. Deepak reveals stats: 70% adopt Demand Forecasting, 68% focus on Route Optimization, and 59% prioritize AI in Risk Management. Mario highlights Coca-Cola's AI-driven innovations.


Join us for an insightful discussion on "Reshaping Patient Engagement and Remote Patient Monitoring: 2024's AI Trends" featuring Deepak Mittal, our esteemed host, and Mr. Gennaro Maida as our distinguished guest. Delve into the transformative impact of AI on healthcare and explore key trends shaping patient engagement and remote monitoring in 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies for optimizing healthcare outcomes and patient experiences in the digital age!


Discover the potential of AI and Machine learning in supply chain optimization as Matthew shares insights on enhancing efficiency, improving inventory accuracy, and unlocking new growth opportunities. With a global inventory distortion cost of $1.1 trillion, businesses are turning to advanced technologies for solutions.


In the final episode of our precision medicine podcast series, Ms. Barri delves deep into the critical aspects of risks and pricing strategies in precision medicine and the delicate balance between patient safety, affordability, and innovation.


In the part two podcast episode of Precision Medicine, host and CEO Deepak Mittal engaged with expert guest Barri, exploring strategies to advance precision medicine, emphasizing accessibility, patient-centered approaches, and global collaboration, paving the way for equitable healthcare solutions.


In Part One Episode of Precision Medicine Ms. Blauvelt's expertise sheds light on the path to success in this field. Stay tuned for more insights in upcoming episodes. Subscribe to "The Technocrats" and stay curious about the future of healthcare and technology.


In this episode, your hosts, Deepak Mittal and Matthew Butler, discuss how AI is improving supply chains, making them more accurate and efficient, and helping businesses grow. Tune in to "The Technocrats" for a glimpse into the future!


In this episode, your hosts, Deepak Mittal and Partha Anbil, two brilliant minds at the forefront of AI research, unravel the intricate tapestry of medical breakthroughs. From diagnosis to discovery, they uncover how generative AI revolutionizes the healthcare landscape.


In this podcast episode, Deepak Mittal, Founder & CEO of NextGen Invent, interviews Ron Kyslinger, a highly respected industry expert and advisor. Ron shares his insights on adopting AI and automation, the evolving role of these technologies in supply chain initiatives, incorporating them into Walmart's operations, and managing AI risks.


Deepak Mittal, Founder & CEO of NextGen Invent, and Scott Saunders, Advisor of NextGen Invent discuss the significant role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in supply chain management, as well as the emerging trends that supply chain managers must keep up with. 

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