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Affordable Health Plan, and Insurance Claims Processing

US state program to help patients get affordable health insurance, process insurance claims, and provide directory assistance.
Affordable Health Plan, and Insurance Claims Processing

About the client

The client is a top Boston hospital focused on providing excellent patient care. It is recognized by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association for the quality of care that we provide for heart disease and stroke patients.

Business Problem

  • Launch a non-profit, member-governed, COOP health plan.
  • Provide affordable health insurance in Massachusetts.

Solution Approach

  • Delivered a cloud based, highly scalable, end-to-end healthcare solution.
  • Integrated various systems to automate credentialing process, comprehensive provider directory, and faster claims processing.

Value Delivered

The platform has enabled the business to expand its services in other US states in a record time, which has resulted in increased market share. It has saved money, time, and effort by reducing manual operations, thereby bettering revenue cycle management resulting in improved cash flow.

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