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Health System Cognitive Automation Solution

Cognitive automation solution and state-of-the-art AI model enables hospitals to manage vendor inventory. Model uses computer vision to review inventory and identify missing pieces. That saves millions of dollars for hospitals, reduce downstream risks and conflicts with vendors.

About the client

Client is committed to making the surgical process easier, more efficient, and more effective through innovative surgery management and optimization services. Tech-enabled services to move practice forward, driving surgical growth and improving patient outcomes while reducing costs.

Business Problem

  • To reduce economic loss occurred due to incomplete trays pre- and post-surgery.
  • Scalable solution to process and maintain inventory without training staff in tray equipment.
  • Management systems to improve surgical efficiency and effectiveness.

Solution Approach

  • End to end cognitive automation solution design to fit into the surgical procedure.
  • Workflow to identify incomplete trays/missing equipment’s.
  • Computer Vision algorithm with high accuracy.
  • Cloud environment compatible.

Value Delivered

With the Tray AI application, healthcare providers have seen an increase in revenue while also noticing a decrease in same-day cancellation, resulting in a significant ROI (return on investment). This has seen $2 million+ savings each year by identifying incomplete trays and missing equipment.

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