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Improve Quality of Care and Patient Experience

Connect and enable surgical offices and care teams to be proactive. Build solutions to ensure challenges are addressed as early as possible, resulting in better outcomes.

About the client

The client has been a trusted partner for the nation’s top health plans, health systems, post-acute care providers, and at-risk physician groups navigating the shift from volume to value. The client’s high-touch, proven care model fully supports patients from pre-acute through to the home. With the model, patients can enjoy more days at home, and healthcare providers and health plans can significantly reduce costs specific to unnecessary care and readmissions.

Business Problem

  • Expand market share.
  • Build enterprise architecture components and deliver business value in an agile way.
  • Improve bundle pricing.
  • Analytics solution for Post-Acute Healthcare.

Solution Approach

  • Enhance product services to new healthcare areas.
  • Deliver products better, faster in an affordable way.
  • Design and implementation of enterprise architecture based on Micro-Services.

Value Delivered

Predictive advisory solutions have enabled payers and providers to better navigate care transitions. The solution has improved quality, patient experience, and reduced costs across the continuum.

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