World’s #1 Healthcare Real World Data Provider

Developed the #1 healthcare data provider in the world by scraping, aggregating, cleansing, and consolidating real world data from thousands of websites. This is one of the most complete resource of mortality data in the market.
World’s #1 Healthcare Real World Data Provider

About the client

Led by strong leadership and vision, a small organization sourced, collated, indexed, and built a most complete and timely resource of mortality data from over 40,000 sources. The power of data harvesting, cleansing, matching, and governance made it possible.

Business Problem

  • The healthcare industry does not have accurate and timely data.
  • Data is dispersed across so many data sources. Current solutions have poor data quality.
  • No analytical and operational workflows.
  • Accurate diagnosis depends on the skills of the technician

Solution Approach

  • Crawling platform that can crawl without getting IP (Intellectual Property) blocked.
  • Complex data extraction modules from crawled text information with 99% accuracy.
  • Data cleansing and data consolidation engine.
  • Automated DataOps, and MLOps with insightful dashboards.
  • Data marketplace to allow customer to slice and dice data and pay only for the data they want.

Value Delivered

Become #1 data provider of mortality data within four months of time. Using cutting edge technology to make critical information accessible. Collect, curate, and distribute foundational reference datasets.

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