Empower business executives in better decisions making related to decentralized applications that utilize blockchain technology. Read,  What are the KPIs that attract investors?


Why use Blockchain?

Reduce Cost

Trusted Transactions

One source of truth



The possibilities of blockchain technology are endless. New use-cases are being discovered each day. NextGen Invent is empowering business executives in making better decisions related to decentralized applications (dApps or DApp) that utilize blockchain technology and existing blockchain frameworks.


What We Do

Blockchain Strategy and Pilot Planning

  • Blockchain applicability, business/system impact analysis, right blockchain framework selection, and implementation strategy.
  • Rapid development using a suite of blockchain toolsets and frameworks

Blockchain Labs

  • Leading the way in blockchain technologies interoperability and conduct hackathon to foster innovation using key blockchain frameworks and innovative technologies from other startups.

Blockchain solution development

  • Blockchain solution design as per industry operating models and processes.
  • Blockchain framework, development, testing, infrastructure setup, deployment, integration with other enterprise IT systems and support.

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