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The potential value creation of manufacturers and suppliers that implement Industry 4.0 in their operations is set at USD 37 trillion in 2025. ‑ McKinsey

Why be an Insight Driven Organization?

NextGen Invent is bringing Insight driven and data-Led approach to organizations to help them achieve their growth goals. Data, AI, and Automation powered use cases are boosting productivity, reducing cost and strengthening market share.

Increase Annual Revenue by ~10%

Reduce Cost by ~20%

Gain Competitive Advantage

Increase innovation capability by ~50%

Monetize Data Assets

Our Transformation Methodology


  • Define transformation objective
  • Assess existing strategy, technology, data, people, process and operations


  • Define Data and AI strategy
  • Define Use case and KPI
  • Plan adoption of process and best practices

Plan and Execute

  • Set Goals
  • Deliver Insights
  • Suggest Actions
  • Evaluate Business Outcome

Adopt and Optimize

  • Continuous Adoption
  • Learn and Optimize Process

Data + AI + Automation: Use Cases

Research and Development Project efficiency analysis

Research and Development Project efficiency analysis

Improve R&D efficiency by reducing time-to-market and development costs while guaranteeing superior product quality and customer-valued product properties.

Predictive maintenance for service cost reduction

Automated service visits planning, parts requirements, and advise technicians on the workplan during the request-for-service process.

Data-driven Overall Equipment Effectiveness optimization

Achieve higher OEE in high variant machining. Traditional pallet-based machine loading automation solutions and integrated software solutions.

Analytics-based scheduling optimization

Boost production using a production scheduling optimization model. To improve planning and scheduling processes, develop a mathematical model of entire production process including all relevant constraints and cost drivers.

Automating defect detection

Quality control through camera-based in-line quality inspection. This completely automated vision-based inspection system can decrease inspection times due to the system’s high viewing rate.

Supply chain risk modelling

Performing a risk assessment of global manufacturing and supplier network.

Thought Leadership

Deepak Mittal

“Lead the Transformation or be led by it”

Deepak Mittal

Founder & CEO

“Data in rightful(lawful) hands can be objectively insightful to drive action”

Sidharth Mittal

VP, Account Management

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