``Power Platform is giving everyone the ability to create solutions that accelerate business. Accelerate innovation and reduce costs as you analyze data, automate processes, and build apps, websites, and virtual agents with Power Platform.`` ‑ Microsoft

Why use Power Platform?

Build web & mobile apps faster

Design and build workflows without limit

Gain insights from your data regardless of where it lives

Enterprise-ready security and governance

Power Platform

Power App

  • Extend applications using custom code
  • Build custom controls and connectors that everyone can use with Power Apps component framework
  • Centrally manage all your apps, first and third party, deployed across your organization
  • All identity is managed through Azure Active Directory, enabling rich policies and multi-factor authentication
  • Admin Center providing full audit logs, usage analytics, data loss prevention, security and data management

Power Automate

  • Automate and model business processes across your apps and services
  • From simple automations to advanced scenarios with branches, loops, and more
  • Trigger actions, grant approvals, and get notifications right where you work
  • Automate legacy, on-prem and cloud-based applications and services

Power BI

  • Connect to all your data and get a consolidated view across your business through a single pane of glass
  • Create ad-hoc analysis, live dashboards and interactive reports on the web and across mobile devices
  • Build smart apps by infusing insights from your data and drive action with the power of the Power platform

Power Pages

  • Create data centric web and mobile pages
  • Extend pages with advanced pro-developer tools
  • Storage and management of data

Power Platform: Use Cases

Automation of patient registration & discharge

Increase the speed and efficiency to handle surge in patients, reduce wait times, accuracy of discharge, automation for higher patient registrations to relieve staff from repetitive tasks as well as sending reminders to patients.

Employee onboarding

Streamlining on-boarding related workflows including reducing complexity of scheduling interviews, organizing documents, orientation meetings and new hire communications.

Helpdesk process automation

To automate the support process by addressing feedbacks immediately, automate admin tasks, automate responses to questions, and simplifying overall help desk, customer support and related processes.

Billing & claims automation

For Claims - To reduce manual data entry, increase efficiency, faster turnouts, error free claims processing, reduce paperwork and accurate prediction of claims. For Billing – Automate entire billing and payment process to receive bills on time, create invoices in a few clicks, multiple payment options and more.

Document approval workflow

Optimizing document approval workflow by streamlining all steps involved to get approvals, to process documents faster, centralizing documents, track and manage changes.

Service ticket automation

Automatically create tickets, notifications, close resolved tickets, remove unnecessary data entry, improving visibility of information and improving quality, speed and consistency of support services.

Thought Leadership

“Power Platform is enabling users to Analyze, Act and Automate business activities to achieve business goals.”

Sidharth Mittal

VP, Account Management

“Power Platform has empowered business users to bring faster and scalable automation solution to market.”

Ruchi Garg

EVP, Strategy and Consulting

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