Why Us

  • Team members who served as CTO / CIOs of various organizations.
  • Experienced in launching products that have succeeded in diverse industries.
  • Enabling business and opening opportunities for business while keeping focus.

Technical Due-Diligence Details

Many private equity and VC firms have realized the tremendous value that insights from technical due-diligence can provide.
In the case of an anticipated acquisition, we can apply our technical due-diligence framework to analyze various aspects of the target company’s software assets. We examine factors such as: software quality, scalability, performance, robustness and maintainability. Then, we look at the impact of each of these components to help you evaluate the total cost of ownership of the software, solution, or product.
Based on the reports we have prepared, companies have used this type of analysis in deciding whether to rebuild IT departments from scratch or to build on top of existing software and infrastructure.
Let us help you choose between our one week fast-paced due-diligence and two weeks comprehensive due-diligence exercises. To learn more about our due-diligence framework, please email us at .

Data Strategy

Call us to discuss how we can help you find the root cause of data problems and fix them.

Our reference data architecture:


Our consulting services will provide your company with the help it needs to thrive in the current business atmosphere. In today’s climate, success comes from innovative solutions, and our team’s industry knowledge, technical expertise, and statistics experience allow us to implement creative solutions that can solve the issues your company faces. Our clients include industry leaders and innovators for whom we have created solutions that help their business meet its revenue goals and create lasting and important results.
NextGen Invent’s employees have years of experience and expertise that will transform your strategy. Our team has worked at leading consulting companies such as Mercer, and many hold higher degrees including MBAs and PhD’s from top colleges and have published white papers on artificial intelligence, social media, and entrepreneurship.


By allowing connections across multiple devices, Internet of Things (IoT) can help your business  become more efficient and profitable. At NextGen Invent, we have the expertise to help make this happen. We capitalize on the large amount of data available across IoT, analyze it, and then produce insights into trends, both past and future, that ultimately, benefit your business.


The integration of technology into company operations has become one of the most important parts of a robust and successful business.  We provide many technology services that are necessary for companies to succeed in today’s technology-centric world.
Our core services include:  

  • Cloud and Mobile Solutions
  • Testing Center of Excellence
  • Analytics Solutions (including big data solutions and cloud computing)
  • Data lake and Data Management (including big data integration)
  • IT Strategy
  • Business Analysis
  • Program Management

NextGen Invent’s management has worked with CEO’s of top technology firms like Wipro and Infosys and has years of technology experience and knowledge that will benefit your business.


Our talented team of experts work together to create the right solutions for your company. NextGen Invent creates custom end-to-end solutions for your company that will help you grow and expand. With over 20 years of experience working in IT, we are capable of handling any of your business challenges. Our IT Solutions can help you reach your goals effectively.
Our services include: 

  • CRM Services to improve customer retention and growth.
  • Business Process Automation.
  • Software maintenance and day-to-day management.


Across all industries, companies are leveraging the power of analytics to solve business challenges, become more efficient, and increase growth. NextGen Invent is known for our expertise in big data analytics and creating custom solutions to meet your organization’s needs. Our tailored approach will equip your company with invaluable insights to help streamline operations, implement cost-effective solutions and strategic decisions, and optimize company resources.
Our analytic services include:  

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Prediction Model Development
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Cloud Computing

These services combined with our extensive background in analytics and software such as SAS and tableau, will provide your company with a competitive advantage.


NextGen Invent is known for industry knowledge, technical excellence, statistics expertise, and analytics experience — ranking in CIO Review magazine’s top 20 list of promising big data companies of 2013. We can help you leverage big data insights to answer your most pressing and strategic questions related to performance and growth.

When it comes to big data, at NextGen Invent we partner with you to Think. Invent. Solve. Request a free consultation to learn more!

  • The daily avalanche of information appearing in emails, claims, policies, clinical notes, surveys, underwriting notes, CRM data, application logs, and social media is overpowering many organizations’ ability to analyze this information and derive valuable insights.

    The capacity to process, store, and quickly analyze this information is vital for data-driven decisions and execution. An innovative big data solution can help you:

    • Identify untapped markets and prioritize prospects.
    • Gain insight into consumers’ behavior.
    • Find inefficiencies and improve performance.
    • Increase profit and reduce customer attrition.

    These points name just a few of the benefits organizations can reap from the right big data solution. Request a free consultation to learn how NextGen Invent can help you meet your specific business needs.

  • We develop big data solutions using both market-leader and open source products to help your organization successfully tackle challenges like

    Gaining vital insights with analytics. Across industries, data-driven insights are helping business leaders analyze historical data to predict future events. With in-depth experience and industry knowledge of the insurance and financial services, healthcare, retail, and transportation industries, NextGen Invent can help you with predictive analytics and text analytics to find hidden insights and convert text into data.

    Click here to view our latest presentation at Coling conference.

    Big Data Search and Visualization. We live in an era of interactive charts and insights without reading thousands of spreadsheets. Leverage the power of data search and visualization for stronger, faster decision-making. NGI provides custom solutions using Tableau, xtLytics, Rapid miner, and other open source technologies and search solutions using ElasticSearch, Lucene, Solr, and other open source technologies.

  • With experience developing strategy and solutions for diverse organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and special industry expertise in the financial services, healthcare, retail, and transportation industries, we can help you drive results in both the B2C and B2B realms.

    We partner with you throughout the development process and beyond. From analysis and strategy to development and testing, and finally to maintenance — NextGen Invent is there to help you succeed.