Healthcare ERP

A global leader in advanced medical technology gains Agility and Efficiency

Automation of business operations and product manufacturing to transform their business and deliver growth.

30% efficiency gain in manufacturing ecosystem

Supply Chain Management

Modernizing supply chain with a next generation all in one cloud platform and wearable device for ecommerce fulfillment

Automated business process, AR device enablement and integrated ERP to manage supply chain in 80 Languages


Modern wardrobe to fit your persona and wallet

Innovative digital experience for millennial shoppers. A platform powered by predictive analytics, crawlers, and smart web content strategy to suggest wardrobe for dress style as per your persona.

Supply Chain Management

Re-shaping service delivery and customer experience

Optimize service agents work, automate business processes and bring trust using blockchain to deliver next generation service management platform.


Digital transformation brings scalability and operational efficiency

Automation of business operations and product configuration to transform their business and deliver growth

cost reduction

reduction in administration time

3 times
increase in production cycle

Personal Care & Wellness

Fitness celebrity comes to your home

Competitive customer experience strategy, comprehensive architected solution and analytics to open new revenue channel.

increased product sale

increased overseas
customer base


Boosting commodity business on mobile and wearable devices

An advanced mobile and wearable device platform that provides Real time exchange pricing, calculates cost as per market rate to buy/ sell precious metals.

Providing financial decisions instantly, not only improved customer experience but also made commodity trading possible in real time.


Online dating platform for LGBT community

Machine learning compatibility matching platform with real time communication features and notifications. It analyzes consumer behavior to recommend upgrade options to increase sales.


Transforming healthcare experience in the comfort of your home

Delivered a patient centric ecosystem that supports the health needs across the care continuum in the comfort of their home. Solution broke the barrier using mobile technology, with a world class P2P conferencing while keeping data HIPAA compliant.

reduction in operation cost

patient satisfaction

patient and doctor video conferencing


Information edge for a data driven investment approach

Automated data gathering process for a faster and accurate information availability




Actionable insights improving top line of Pharma companies

More than twenty data sources brought an ecosystem that made patient journey across the continuum of case possible, which increased salesforce effectiveness and conversion rate.


Digital Marketing company gets real time insights to improve CTR and ROI

Built a program framework to help analytics solution to be successful and avoid the pitfalls

Priceless clarity
in data management process

reduction in effort to deliver analytics

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